For four days, thousands of people will be partying on the beats of the most famous DJs on earth. But besides Tomorrowland, Belgium has many other things to offer. This is the ultimate list of things to do in Belgium before and/or after Tomorrowland. Mark your calendar!

Dine at the top level of the Atomium

At 100 m above the ground, in the top sphere of the capital city’s most impressive monument, Atomium Restaurant treats you to an extraordinary experience.

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Sewer museum in Brussels

The Sewer Museum invites you on an unusual trip to see the hidden side of Brussels that is absolutely vital to the city.

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Sleeping in an old Church in Mechelen

Do you like places full of history or are you looking for an unforgettable experience during your stay in Belgium? Then, the Friars Minor Church in Mechelen is perfect for you.

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Café des Spores

To become one with Mother Nature, you have to eat mushrooms. Want to have a culinary experience? This is possible at Café des Spores, where every course is prepared with delicious fungi.

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Take a nap in Brussels

Tired of partying? Then just take a nap in the “nap bar” Pauz in Brussels. You can even get a massage if you want to. Sleep tight!

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The Tram Experience

Do you fancy boarding a tram that has been fully decked out as a modern gourmet restaurant? Aboard, you will be served a six or seven-course meal put together by top Belgian chefs, whilst you tour the most beautiful places of ‘Brussels by night’ for two hours.

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Jazz club in Brussels

Need an extra dose of music and want to listen to something else? Be sure to visit The Music Village.

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Cocktails at nine

Want a cocktail served by the best Belgian barman Naushad Ramat? Cocktails at Nine is the place to be.

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Coffee & Vinyl

Now that you are in Belgium, you have to visit the Coffee, Vinyl & Art gallery. This music store in Antwerp is, according to The Guardian, one of the best in the world. So definitely go listen!

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Hi Belgium Pass

To easily travel through Belgium you should use the Hi Belgium Pass. This is an all-in formula that is provided by Brussels Airlines in association with Brussels Airport, the NMBS/SNCB, the Belgian public transport company, and several tourist services from the regions and cities of our country.

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